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Published on 25-01-2018


Hello We Have Some Important Information We Would Like To Share With You.

As You May Already Know We Now Hold A Referral Contest Every Single Month And We Have A Top 10 Winner List.

If You Are In The Top 10 With The Most New REAL Direct Referrals You Have A Chance Of Winning Up To $2500!!


  • 1st Place  = $2500

  • 2nd Place = $1000

  • 3rd Place  = $500

  • 4th Place  = $250

  • 5th Place  = $100

  • 6th Place  = $50

  • 7th Place  = $25

  • 8th Place  = $15

  • 9th Place  = $10

  • 10th Place = $5

To Be In With A Chance Of Being A Winner EVERY SINGLE MONTH You Need To Share Us As Much As Possible! 

Click The Share Buttons On Social Media Sites Or Use Banners And Referral Links Every Where/Youtube/Blog!


Contest runs across all sister sites aswell WIN ON THEM ALL!!!




If You Are New To Advertising Online And Making Money With Affiliate Programs Then We Have Set Up A Rotator With One Of Our Biggest Advertisers And Added It Into Your Dashboard Area Summary Called FREE TRAFFIC.

We Have Added This Tab As We Know That Paid To Click Advertising Can Become Very Expensive If You Dont Know How To Properly Mange Your Budget With Good Results. Plus People Trying To Make Money Online Are TRYING & Not Buying So Assisting With Teaching New Comers On How To Get FREE TRAFFIC & Lots Of FREE REFERRALS To ALL Their PTC Programs Is An Approach We Have Decided To Take In Order To Help You Succeed Online.

Each Time You Click The FREE TRAFFIC TAB You Will Be Redirected To A Different FREE To Use Traffic Exchange. We Have Added Over 50 Different Traffic Exchanges That Have Very Good Conversion Rates (meaning you surf for credits less and get more sign-ups basically).

Traffic Exchanges Are Very Good At Getting You Tons Of Free Referrals And Referrals To Other Traffic Exchanges.

When You Join A Traffic Exchange Add Your Referral Links, And/Or A Rotator With Other Traffic Exchange Referral Links On And Set Up Auto-Assign On Each Traffic Exchange You Join So You Assign All Earned Credits To Your URL's On Auto. 

Then Simply Surf These Traffic Exchanges Whenever You Have Free Time Available, As Soon As You Start Surfing You Will Start Earning FREE Advertising Credits That Will Instantly Be Assign To Your Referral Links And Traffic Exchange Referral Links On The Rotator And REAL People Will Be Viewing Your Page. It Takes A Lot Of Time And Dedication To Do This But Is One Of The Only Ways In Getting FREE Referrals To Your PTC Sites & Other Money Making Programs To Start Making Money From Them Instead. 

Continuously Doing This As Much As Possible Will Start Building All Your Traffic Exchanges With Referrals Aswell And When They Surf Ads , You Will Get Credits Aswell Making Every Day/Week Easier As You Dont Have To Surf For Creits As Often.

Over Time Your Downlines Will EXPLODE And You Will Have Continuous FREE TRAFFIC Forever Aswell As Any Commissions Made Within All The Programs.


To Get A Rotator Just CLICK HERE And Fill Out Your Details.



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You Can Earn Points And Convert To Cash By Clicking PTC Ads, Referring Others & Depositing Funds.


HTML Editor -Make Your First Dollar Online

Make Your First Dollar Online.

Making Your First Dollar Online Can Be Tough If Your Going The Wrong Way About It.
If Your Trying To Get Rich Quick Then Your Going To Be Working With High Risk Programs, Usually Investment Opportunities And Revenue Share Programs. They Can Be A Very Quick Way To Make Money But An Initial Investment Is Required And If You Dont Fancy Waiting A Few Months To Really Make It Worth While Then A Larger Investment Will Be Required. Investment Oportunities Usually Have An Affiliate Side To Them, So You Can Share The Oppportunity With Friends And Family And Get Them Making Money Aswell. Every Time They Make An Investment Or Withdrawal You Will Receive A Commission From It, Usually Around 5-15% With Most Opportunities.

Sometimes With These Opportunities You Will Be Required To View Advertisements Each Day In Order To Receive Your Daily Payout But With Times Going Forward This Is Starting To Die Out Slowly. If Your A Serious Person And Know Common Sense Then You Will Know That, You Can Not Get Rich Quick Overnight Without A Large Investment Into Something And Even That Is Very High Risk & You Could Lose It All.

So Where Do You Start?

You Should Start On Focusing Your Efforts On An Opportunity Of Your Choice And Start To Market That Product Or Opportunity To Others, This Will Build The Business Or Opportunity You Are Working With And Generate You Money With Minimal Effort Involved. 
There Is Many Ways To Market Something But Only A Few Ways To Market Professionally And With Good Results, After All There Is No Point Paying In Money Or Time And Getting Nothing Out Of It.

You Can Start To Market/Advertise Your Business Or Opportunity By Sharing The Referral Links Given To You From The Program Or Business You Are In. Also They May Have Banners You Can Place On A Website You Own Or Purchase Banner Advertising From Known Reputable Advertising Companies As This Is A Really Good Way In Bringing In People Interested In Your What Your Banner Offers.


Deep Down There Is Only One Real Way To Get People To Join Your Opportunity Or Business And Get Them Same People To Join In Other Opportunities You Are Involved With. This Is Called Building A List.
A List Is A List Of Subscribers That Have Filled Out There Name And Email Address In Order To Receive Information. These People That Join Through A Page Are Interested In What Your Page Offers So Have Joined.

Now You Can Start Sending Encouraging Emails To These People On Your List When You Want, At Set Times And Dates If Required Also.
This Is An Amazing Type Of System Called An Auto Responder And They Cost A Small Fortune Of Roughly $30 Per Month So Is Expensive When Not Profiting Online Already.

Today Is Your Lucky Day As There Is A FREE System Out There For People Of All Ages, Interests And Level Of Marketing. Whether Your A Newbie Or A Professional Marketer You Will Need One Of These Systems. They Convert Your Usual Traffic Into Premium Traffic And Pretty Much Force Your Business Or Opportunity Into Success.

Give It A Try Today For FREE! This Is Sold Else Where Upwards Of $500 So I Would Grab It Now!

There Is Also An Option To Pay A One Off $7 For Access To An Upgraded System, This Can Entitle You To Unlimited $6 Payments From Anyone Who Chooses To Pay The $7 Upgrade Option. Honestly Its A Great System!

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